Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ogilvy Maven Network - Youtube and Flickr groups

As part of Ogilvy's pitch for a global vodka brand, I creating a mood film about a typical vodka night out. The result is a little rough around the edges, but hey, so is the average vodka night out in London.


You can see more films by like-minded types from Ogilvy offices in Paris, Milan, Warsaw and Mexico City at the Ogilvy Maven Network youtube group.

There's also an Ogilvy Maven Network Flickr group, where global members have shared photos and comments about cultural sampling in their cities. (Cultural sampling was a trend we explored in the pitch - it's kind of a mixture of two other behavioural trends, Transuming and Authenti-seeking, both of which are discussed on

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nike's Hybridization viral series

The mash-up megatrend is particularly prevalent amongst young consumers empowered by their early experience of digital technology, which tends to facillitate customisation and breadth of choice. Diginatives don't want THIS or THAT, they want THIT - note the instant cult-status of any web 2.0 mash-up.

Nike Labs new mash-up initiative explores the idea of Hybridization - a creatively rich concept if ever there was one; as evidenced by a bloggable and downloadable three episode viral series which explores the notion though the medium of uber-cute animation: